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Classified Ads-Notes, Comments,Rules
Classified ads are often a lifeline for finding necessary parts to restore and repair our Oaklands and Pontiacs. As a service for our OPW members there is never any charge for classified ads or photos. We will list cars and parts from non members to give OPW members a chance to purchase Oakland and Pontiac cars and parts. As an added bonus to OPW members, all ads will be listed in at least two venues. They will be published in OPW News and will be listed on the OPW website.

Consequently, we must have some guidelines to follow.

1. All ads will run in 3 issues (6 months).

2. It is the member's responsibility to request an additional 3 issues.

3. It is the responsibility of the member to notify OPW Editor when an item is sold or withdrawn from the market.

4. All ads will be coded with the last publication date. (ie. 04-09) means that the last time this ad will be published will be the second issue of 2009).

5. The website is updated and mirrored to "Vintage Voice" with each new issue.

(Please read the following article)

This website that our club has created is for the purpose for expanding the knowledge of the Oakland and Pontiac automobiles and creating a worldwide network that allows us to do this. We all must recognize that when we place ourselves on the worldwide web (www.), we expose ourselves to all kinds of people. Some of them do not have our best intentions in mind. The Oakland Pontiac Worldwide Region of the AACA created the classified section on our website for OPW members and other Oakland Pontiac enthusiest to buy and sell items that might be useful to the restoration of Oakland Pontiac automobiles. In doing so, we can become targets for unscrupulous people with intent to defraud.

I am going to describe a scam that is very common, however, people still fall for it. A person will contact you via email and show interest in an item listed in the classified section. He will ask some general questions and then agree to the price. He will then explain that he has purchased a group of parts and wishes to ship them all at the same time. He will tell you that he is sending you a cashier's check that you are to cash or deposit it, then subtract the money for the parts you are selling and wire the balance to the shipper to complete the shipping arrangements. If you do this, you will find that the check is fraudulent and you have just lost the money you wired. You will also find that all the information he supplied you such as: websites, names, places, email addresses, phone numbers, and bank account numbers are false. You have just been scammed out of your money. This is an actual scam that someone attempted with me (unsuccessfully).

I am presently working with law enforcement, helping them track down these dishonest individuals by supplying information necessary to the investigation. The best way to shut them down is for people to be informed. Never, Never send money via Western Union to complete a sale or pay for shipping. Always have your bank check the tracking numbers on any check with which you are not familiar. This is easy to do just by taking the check to your bank and have them call the issuing bank. Do this before you deposit the check and NEVER pay for someone's shipping charges. Even if the check clears, you could still be involved with a money laundering scam.

We all would like to sell our parts, but use good common sense. If someone sends you a check for more than the value that you are selling your part for, IT IS A SCAM! I hope this article educates and alerts everyone that there are unscrupulous people out there wishing to separate you from your money.

Cars For Sale


1916 Oakland Model 75: 4 Cylinder 2 seat Roadster, extra transaxle included $20,000.
Ralph Cartonio ph 207-839-4587


1955 Pontiac Star Chief: for parts: Only a few parts missing now. Please email with wanted items for pics. and prices. Adam Wellman Paxton, Illinois ph 217-417-6448 or email wellmanrestorations@yahoo.com


1930 Oaland Coupe: Engine is disassembled. Rust holes at the bottom of cowl. Passenger side door pillar wood is bad. Wood is bad at drivers side. New piston slugs. New Head Gaskets. $7000 OBO, Coy Rosenlieb ph 740-865-3852.
Call between 9 am and 9 pm EST.


1930 Pontiac: 6 cyl great condition, new tires, $10,000 firm. Appraised at $15,000 Rick D Bailey Material Damage Appraiser Indiana Farm Bureau, Cell Ph 317-417-9095 or email Rick.Bailey@infarmbureau.com


1956 Pontiac Convertible: Total frame off Restoration last year by a 50 year Pontiac Convertible specialist. Turn key ready $ 40,000/Best offer. Perry Eaton, 1805 S Villa Av. Pallermo,CA 95968 Ph 530-534-5510


1957 Pontiac Chieftain HT: Original with some minor rust, runs good,interior good but faded. $ 6000 ph 765-277-9334


1912 Oakland model 40: Very original car, radiator redone, new gas tank, wood wheels redone. Engine has aluminum pistons and I did a valve job and brakes a few years ago prior to the Portland Or. National Horseless Carriage Tour. Car has been on many tours. It is ready to go nothing needs to be done. More pictures available upon request. Asking $ 49,000. Tom Zimmer, email TRZIM@yahoo.com cell ph 951-317-4419


1926 Oakland 4dr Sedan: All there but needs complete restoration.Pictures available. jmckerrow@roadrunner.com


1908/09 Oakland Touring Model 20B 2 cyl: This car has a documented history from the beginning. Pictured in John Gunnel's "75 Years of Pontiac" Poster car for the 2008 Oakland Homecoming and Featured on the OPW display banner. This is the most original 2 cylinder known. Beautiful original Brass. A true museum piece. $ 42,000. Contact Bob Roughton. Ph 757-641-6484 email sylrob@earthlink.net (editors note): Only 4 of these cars are known to exist. One in Illinois, one in Canada, one owned by General Motors, and this one in Virginia. All four were present and the 2008 Oakland Homecoming.


1926 Pontiac 6 Coupe: First year of the six cylinder. Complete frame off professional restoration. Engine rebuilt, correct Peter Pan Blue color. 1st Junior and Senior AACA awards. Driven 3,000 miles touring. $26,000, Contact Bob Roughton. Ph 757-641-6484 email sylrob@earthlink.net


1930 Oakland 4 dr Sedan V-8: Dark blue body, black fenders, original interior, good driver. $16,000. Contact Dick Pensyl, ph 757-549-0935


1956 Pontiac Starchief: 550hp, 590 ft-lbs torque, Ford Currie 9in. rear end. $26,000 OBO. Dave Zolnai ph 814-683-4188


1923: Oakland Model 6-44 Touring All original except for color re-paint. Runs and drives well $29,000. Grand Rapids Michigan. For more information
contact ph 616-575-9250


1928 Pontiac 2dr: Good condition, running and driving. Only in need of a view odds and ends. Any questions, please call or text me at ph 636-226-5219.


1934 Pontiac 4dr: Original rebuilt straight 8 engine, steel body. Many parts just waiting for the right person to finish the restoration $8,000. ph 708-717-9985 or email trudyn@gmail.com


1934 Pontiac 2dr Touring Sedan: The wood needs replacing, engine turns. $3,500 OBD for the car. Randy Hedstrom Sheboygan, WI ph 920-287-1251 or email hotrod895@hotmail.com


1933 Pontiac Sport Coupe: 32,740 miles, rust thru on fender at the tail light and right fender under rumble seat step plate. Painted black and martini brown. New tires and battery. $ 5,000 for engine, clean up, rewiring, hoses, heater service, gas tank sealing. Many accessory parts go with the car including a original radio, trunk rack and trunk, plus others. Original plaid interior. This car should be enjoyed as is. It is too good to restore. $17,000. Call Roy La Barbera, ph 908-459-4828 or cell 201-841-2664.


1936 Pontiac Coupe: 59,000 miles flat head 6 cyl. 3 speed, $16,000. ph 419-234-5958 Lima Ohio











Parts For Sale

1941 - 1954 Pontiac 6 tune up kit: Points condenser rotor and cap. $ 20. John Armstrong, jarmst2@columbus.rr.com or ph 740-756-4017

For Sale 1937 Pontiac Engine Complete with Transmission & drive shaft $50
John R Dann 949-351-3393


For Sale:
1936 Pontiac Flat Rate book $ 50
1937 or 1938 Pontiac Black Steering wheel $50
1938 2 Pontiac Wheels $ 75 ea
1937 or 1938 Pontiac Head Light Buckets 2 ea $ 75 ea
1937 Pontiac Carburator for 6 cyl. $100
1940-2519 4dr sedan Stainless Steel trim $ 75
1941 2511 2dr sedan Stainless Steel Trim $ 75
1941 Pair of tail light assemblies $ 50
Call or email: 616-682-1337
Dan Karczewski


For Sale 1934 Engine Block,Crank & Cam. Machine work done, hot tanked & magnafluxed
$2000. Contact William Sessler 703-368-7594, Mannassas VA, 20112
email: sesslerize@comcaste.net


For Sale 1930-32 Oakland, Pontiac V-8 Data Plates.
1931 Oakland Hub Cap Skins.
1930-31 Horn cover chromed and painted.
Contact John Armstrong email: jarmst2@columbus.rr.com
ph 740-756-4017


For Sale: 1 pair 1932 Pontiac headlight buckets and trim rings,
1 pair of 10" McBeth Headlight Len's. These are the ones used in WWll and have green eyebrow tops to deflect the lightd downward at light. Call for pricing 902-436-4520
Art Gerrard


1910 Oakland: Brass Hubcaps, Nice set of four 2 3/4" in diameter.
Call Ken at 623-910-5824


Parting out 1958 Pontiac Bonneville also with mint upholstry.

Call George Weaver at 717-354-5280 or email: at fun57@comcast.net


For Sale 1931 Oakland Sales Brochure: "Oakland the fine 8" contains color pictures of 6 different models features and specs. Like new condition. $37.00
Theo Merickel ph 218-543-4415 or 218-543-4997


1938 Pontiac Parts: 1938 6 cyl pulled from a running for door sedan that suffered a rod through the crank case. Manifolds, carburator, and transmission sold. Other parts available include distributor, generator, starter, fan, steering box, shrouds and more. Remaining parts will be listed on ebay. email for link to photo album showing parts.
Bill Meglen, Gardnerville NV 89460 ph 775-265-1683 or email : tirediron@charter.net


1936 Pontiac: Parts motor and running gear. Who needs it? This is a great running motor. I have a u tube video of it running. Tom Hull, 1205 S. Almar Cir. Mesa AZ 85204, ph 480-641-3871 or email <tdhull@cox.net>


Oakland Owners: with Marvel A2S carburators (1926-1928). I am having a second batch of reproduction brass carburator bowls made for this carburator. These bowls are exact copies with correct holes drilled, bump at lower end of bowl and notch at lip. Minimum order is 12 bowls. Kindly let me know if interested. Cost will be about $90 per bowl plus shipping. John Elliott, 104 Doral Dr, Blue Bell PA 19422-3259 ph 610-659-9725 or email: johnaelliott44@aol.com


1930 Oakland Pontiac Reproduction: Outside Door Handles $98 + $15 Shipping. Brisbane Austrailia 4061, email: VintageReproductions@bigpond.com or www.VintageReproductions.co


For Sale New leather spring leaf covers: for late 20's Oakland/Pontiac. May fit other years and makes. $275, Mario Iasparo, ph 917-881-1997.


1929-30 Pontiac: Misc parts inquire with needs. Mario Iasparo. ph 917-881-1997.


Fender Covers: Dark Blue border and Pontiac name L&W is 34 1/2 x 24 1/2, Tool tray is 5 1/2 wide. $25.00 ppd. Bill Harris 7836 N. Gray Rd. Moorsville, IN 46158,
ph 317-839-1656


NOS Fenders: These are all rears. 1941 26/29 Series left, 1941 29 series right, 1937 #500481 left, 1942-1947 25 series left, $250.00 Charlie Huntington 207-563-5824 or email badgoat@tidewater.net


1935-36 Pontiac: Tail Lamp Lens type #1 Part number 918700 $25.00, Ralph Hamilton ph 740-782-1773


1953-1954 Pontiac: Nos Exhaust Extention and Deflector in original box. Accessory group 3.712 Part #984453. $290 + shipping. Don Peterson ph 630-553-2008.



Oakland - Pontiac Parts Wanted

Wanted: For 1929 Pontiac Coupe, Cover Plate over Battery, Charlie Huntington ph 207-563-5824 or email: badgoat@tidewater .net

Wanted 1935 Pontiac 8: Air intake filter.Note, this was an export car and the air cleaner may be different from the US models.
Graham Webber email:graham.webber@btconnect.com (5-11).


Wanted: 1938 Pontiac Original seat material. If you know that someone is rodding out their 38 Pontiac and doesn't want the old material let me know. Any help on my project is welcome. Ph 616-682-1337, email: dpkarczewski@gmail.com (5-11).


Wanted for 1953-54 Pontiac : Catalina SD 2dr HT crank up window regulator drivers side. Also need 2 NOS window cranks of high quality.
Contact John Armstrong
3520 Hatter Road,Lancaster, OH 43130
jarmst2@columbus.rr.com 740-756-4017 (6-10)


Parts for 1932 Pontiac: Wanted Complete rear bumper and bumper iron or any parts or pieces for the same.
Joe Pirrone email: joenkathy@earthlink.net,
37067 Bald Eagle Ct.
Severence CO. 80550-8426
ph.970-674-3258 home or 970-415-2984 cell


Wanted:1916 Oakland Northway Exhaust Manifold. Howard.Hartley@hotmail .com


Wanted 1931 Oakland: 1. 2 running board metal moulding, 2 Radiator Eagle any condition. 3 Crank hole cover. 4. Radiator cap. Theodore Mericle, ph 218-543-4977. 8559 Sunset Shores Road, Pine River, Mn. 54674


Wanted 1932: Pontiac Fender Lights, Art Gerrard ph 902-436-4520 or
email: artgerrard@hotmail.com

Wanted for 1923 Oakland: (Australian member needs help)
I require a generator and a carby for a 1923 six cyl overhead valve engine. This engine has a magneto driven from the rear of the generator. I believe the generator is a Remy make. I would greatly appreciate it if these items were available from someone. I have not been successful in locating these items in Australia. Ian Kotzur


1938 Pontiac: Need the following front suspension parts, 1958 Lower control arms, 1950-60 upper control arms (ball joint) maybe post 50's with shock mount post war brakes (they were 2 1/4" X 12' with 1 1/8" wheel cylinders), drums & spindles.
Bill Meglen, Gardnerville NV 89460, ph 775-265-1683 or email tirediron@charter.net


Wanted 1931 Pontiac: Front splash apron between fenders under radiator. Side mount parts - hold down, lock arm, nuts, bodyto rod part ( can email pictures). Tube - Water pump to radiator ( between hoses ). Water Pump, Hood Hinge, rear piece of cowl, crank hole cover, cranhk to start motor. Accelerator linkage from carb to firewall.Rumble seat handle. Any help with pictures and dimentions of 1931 parts so I could reproduce what I can't find. Jim and Alice Koenigsmark ph 708-361-0306 email alicekoenigsmark@hotmail.com


Wanted 1930 Pontiac Ignition Switch: It fits on top of the coil.
Please call 502-533-1147 or email Dwight Hardesty at dodgebros1925@yahoo.com


Wanted 1926 Oakland Head Gasket: or perhaps how to repairan old one. It has blown near the valves between 2 & 3. daverodges@bchazmat.com


Wanted: 1935-36: original style working 5 terminal voltage regulator. ph 207-878-8933 or email: rgshafto@maine.rr.com Bob Shafto


Wanted 1929 Oakland Carburator: for 1929 Oakland 2dr sedan. Gary Oakland phone 951-678-0705 or email: codygoso@hotmail.com


Wanted for 1929 Oakland: Tail light lenses, need 2 Brand name Opelite. Gary Oakland ph 951-678-0705 or email: codygoso@hotmail.com


Wanted for 1937 Pontiac: Complete grill or parts. Dar Pace email: dpace2@aol.com
ph 305-442-0909


Wanted for 1928 Oakland: Steering wheel horn button ring.
ph 740-756-4017, email jarnst2@columbus.rr.com


Wanted 1931 Oakland Eagle: Radiator Cap and Crank hole cover. Theodore Merikel ph 218-543-4977, 8559 Sunset Shores Rd. Pine River. MN 56474


1934 Pontiac Convertible Coupe: Need complete 8cyl motor or motor that turns. Any 33-35 will work. Also want Carb, starter, harmonic balancer, distributor, clutch and disk, radiator and both fenders. A bad fire burned 12 of my 14 cars. The pontiac was spared. David Roberts P O box 225 Plymouth, CA 95669, ph 209-245-4841 or email ranchocicada@gmail.com


Wanted 1954 Pontiac Parts: I am looking for the following 1954 parts (8cyl) for my wagon project. Vibration Damper Pulley for Power Steering (two belts). Special Head bolts for mounting power steering pump. Power Brake Booster. Any info or parts for accessories. samg1177@aol.com, or call Sam Gagliano ph 978-273-9175












Cars Wanted

Wanted 1976 Grand Prix Golden Anniversary Car: (#2 cond.) I own a 1951 Chietain Annerversay car that is on display at the Pontiac Oakland Museum and I think it would be good to have two anniversary cars. Jeffrey Arnesen. jefferyarnesen@yahoo.com


Wanted Prewar Silver Streak 1933-1942: Must run well and be suitable for driving around the country. I want a tour car not a trailered show car.
John Felder email: johnoaklands8@gmail.com


Wanted 1955-58: Pontiac Warren Hall Ph 785-246-4703


Wanted Speedster: Any make or model must have chassis made before 1935 and engine made before 1955. Appearance secondary but must be road worthy and street legal. ph 618-295-3384


Wanted 1936-1958 Pontiac or Buick: Prefer turn key vehicle with excellent mechanicals. John Armstrong 740-756-4017 or email jarmst@columbus.rr.com








Literature for Sale


1970 Pontiac: Literature for sale, 10.25 x 11 22 pages - covers all models, 11 x 9.25
52 pages other brochures full color "We take the fun of driving seriously". 8.25 x 11
27 pages "Personalize your 1970 Pontiac with Wide Tracking Accessories."
contact Ken Kenewell ph 623-910-5824


Pontiac Shop Manuals: For sale Manuals on a flash drive
1. 1935 and 1936 Service Manual
2. 1940 Shop Manual
3. 1948 - 1953 Hydra matic Service Manual
4. 1949 and 1954 Service Manual
5. 1955 Shop Manual
each flash drive also contains photos, articles, and ads, for that year. Each drive is $24.95 with a portion of the profit being donated to the childhood cancer charities that are supported by the Pontiac Celebration. ph 401-934-0663 or email FRDIGI@cox.net
thanks for your help Rick DiGiacomo


Pontiac Literature For Sale:
1936 -
Sales - $40, 10 minute ride - $40, Users Guide - $40.00
1939 - Salesman Presentation Album - $200.00
1940 - Comparison Folder - $10, Duel Carb Reprint - $5.00
1946 - Suppliment to 41-42 Shop Manual - $20.00
1947 - Sales Folder - $20.00
1948 - Hydromatic Shop Manual - $40.00
1952 - Saleman Presentation Album - $275.00
1950 - Shop Manual - $45.00,Hydromatic Suppliment - $15.00
Saleman Presentation Album - $75.00 (some stuck pages)
1955 - Shop Manual - $45.00, Salesman Facts Book - $75.00
All prices include postage and insurance.
Don Barlup - 717-582-3209 or pullman1914@aol.com





Restoration Help

The Haartz Corporation
Eric Haartz
- Pontiac
Vintage Top Materials
87 Hayward Road
Acton, MA 01720
978-264-2600 office
978-264-2601 fax


Mike Weiss & Son Spark Plugs
211 Austin Rd.
Mahopac NY 10541-4813
(845) 628-8135


1930-1931 Oakland Eagle- Available in Plasticor, Sillicon bronze & plated. Ron Carpenter 7671 King St. Westminster, CO. Ph 303-428-8849.




Large inventory of NOS parts mostly1935-1968,
chrome,sheet metal,engine,transmission,front & rear suspension,
exhaust,brakes,electrical,shop manuals,parts books,repro parts, etc.

Send style number (on firewall), with a specific want list and a S.A.S.E.
for a fast reply.
Kurt Kelsey
14083 "P" Ave.
Iowa Falls, Iowa 50126
ph - 641-648-9086














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